Lend Environmental Is the Best Company for Meat Waste Recycling and Management in LA

18feb 2023
When it comes to recycling and management of meat wastes, bone and fat removal, Lend Environmental is the best company in Los Angeles to outsource all requirements to.

LA, California, February 18, 2023: When it comes to the disposal of slaughterhouse waste, Lend Environmental is the best agency to rely on. Local restaurants, hotels, schools, hospitals, casinos, and other industrial kitchens are partnered with by this company based in Los Angeles, California, to refine used cooking oil and supply it to biodiesel producers.

This is the best agency to handle meat waste recycling requirements. Beginning with gathering waste from supermarkets, butcher shops and restaurants, the recycling of meat waste can begin. After being transported, this waste is sorted and processed at a recycling facility. Sorting involves separating the meat's edible components from its undesirable components. The unusable components are then used to make biodiesel fuel or other products, with the usable components being grounded and utilized as animal feed. A sizable industrial grinder is typically used for the grinding process. Then meat that is grounded is turned into slurry, by combining it with water and enzymes. The digester is where this slurry eventually turns into methane gas.

The captured methane gas is used to run electricity-generating generators. The recycling facility is then powered by the electricity. Any excess energy is resold to the grid. The non-edible animal parts are gathered by Lend Environmental from slaughterhouses and transformed into a variety of useful goods.

These consist of fertilizer, bio-fuel, pet food and animal feed. Its system of gathering and transforming inedible by-products of meat is advantageous for the economy as well as the environment. It is possible to reduce methane gas emissions and landfill waste by recycling meat products. This benefits not only the environment but also the neighborhood and the local economy.

This meat waste management agency in Los Angeles gathers by-products from butcher shops, supermarkets, and facilities that process meat and poultry. The company provides collection of fat and bone waste, butcher waste disposal, recycling of meat waste, slaughterhouse waste disposal, management of meat waste, fat and bone removal and more. Its recycling of animal byproducts is intended to be eco-friendly and reduce land waste, as is true for all of its services. The company offers containers in sizes of 32 or 45 gallons. It offers reliable weekly and daily services with on-call emergency assistance.

LEND Environmental is dedicated to promoting sustainability and healthy growth within the community and inspiring transformation across the world. By turning recycled yellow and brown grease into various useful products, it takes pride in being environmentally friendly. By recycling millions of gallons of used cooking oil that would have otherwise been disposed of as waste, its refining facility in LA, CA helps take care of the problem of overloaded landfills in the country.

For the best kind of slaughterhouse waste disposal assistance, this is easily the service provider in LA on which butcher shops, eateries etc can depend.

About Lend Environmental

Lend Environmental is a company that is regarded as an expert in meat waste disposal and recycling. When it comes to disposing of slaughterhouse waste, management of meat wastes and removing bone and fat, it can always be trusted on.

For more information or any questions, visit the website https://www.recyclingusedcookingoil.com/animal-by-product-service/.

Media Contact

Lend Environmental

13151 San Fernando Rd Sylmar, CA 91342

Phone no: 818.698.4252

Fax no: 844.813.5874

Email id: info@lendenvironmental.com.

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