Lend Environmental Is the Best in Used Cooking Oil Recycling in California

30may 2021
Lend Environmental is the best agency when it comes to recycling used cooking oil in the state of California, having its own refining facility.

Los Angeles, CA, (May 31, 2021): When it comes to used cooking oil recycling, Lend Environmental is one of the best companies that one can rely on easily. The refining facility of the company is located in Los Angeles, Los Angeles County, CA. It is committed to inspiring transformation across the world by promoting sustainability and healthy growth in the community.


It strikes partnerships with industrial kitchens, local restaurants, hospitals, hotels, casinos, schools etc for refining used cooking oil and then supplying the same to various biodiesel producing units. This company believes in sustainable practices, and recycles yellow and brown grease into various worthwhile items.


The country is staring at the issue of overloaded landfills at the moment, and the refining facility of Lend Environmental is recycling used cooking oil by millions of gallons. All this oil would be disposed of otherwise as waste. This company uses advanced technology for the treatment of process water, sticking to the regulations of air pollution and odor abatement, in order to maintain a safe and clean environment. The services of this company can benefit one and all - whether stadiums, government facilities, residential buildings or hospitality businesses.


About Lend Environmental


Set up in 2015, Lend Environmental is a company that is committed to recycling used cooking oil, and serves the needs of a wide range of industries out there.


For more information, visit: https://www.recyclingusedcookingoil.com


Media Contact:

Lend Environmental

13151 San Fernando Rd Sylmar, CA 91342

Phone no: 818.698.4252

Fax no: 844.813.5874

After Hours: 818.381.1941

Email id: info@lendenvironmental.com



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