Happy Bam claims that condom sales increased during the lockdown

16nov 2022
The lockdown period during Covid has brought about many couples closer, helping them to ignite romance and make the most of intimate moments- leading to the increase in condom sales

Korea, (November 17, 2022): Every aspect of life has been made difficult by COVID-19, and sports are no exception. Sales and marketing data filter out and reveal precisely what consumers are buying in order to keep it genuine as individuals across the world strive to maintain order in their lives. Sales of toilet paper initially took off like crazy. Hand sanitizer is next. The demand for condoms has recently increased exponentially during COVID-19.


Thousands of couples are rediscovering one other as cities and towns all around the country go into lockdown, veering between social distance and tight cohabitation. Many pharmacies and e-commerce sites are reporting higher condom and contraceptive pill sales as a result of this greater closeness. Couples who are caught up in their busy lives and don't have the time to be with each other have increased intimacy as a result of the unprecedented coronavirus epidemic, which has also caused widespread fear.


Condom and contraception sales have reportedly increased online, according to sources at a major e-commerce site. According to Happy Bam's marketing manager, "sexual relationship closeness increases during conflict and epidemics. He said that there may be something like a "coronavirus baby boom." "People are stressed and stay at home. Couples who were too preoccupied with their careers to spend time together, whether they were married or not, are now able to. Therefore, closeness will grow, just as it did during wartime. This is a scenario resembling war, "they claimed. "One cause of irregular sex amongst married couples in major cities is fatigue. In essence, individuals are returning to normal sexual behavior and 콘돔추천 condom recommended," they added.


Based on a 2022 report that followed delivery trends on its website, the online retail 콘돔쇼핑몰 condom shopping mall Happy Bam offered information about consumer behavior. As the government implemented lockdowns, the demand for condoms skyrocketed during the day, with clients purchasing an average of three times as many condoms during the day as at night.


So, did people spend their time making love while under lockdown? Other sexual health items including Sheer Oral Dams, emergency contraception, personal lubricants, and pregnancy-testing kits also topped sales rankings in major cities.


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