Happy Bam guarantees discreet delivery of its condoms and contraceptive range

17nov 2022
When it comes to adult goods, a lot of taboos are attached to the sale and delivery of condoms and other adult goods. Happy Bam has popularized the discreet delivery of its product range.

Korea, (November 17, 2022): Do you want to know if your 콘돔 condom may be delivered covertly, secretly, or anonymously? They can, in fact. Without mentioning your items, Happy Bam mostly uses pre-paid Post satchels. The online retailer occasionally utilizes boxes, but never in relation to the acquired goods. At Happy Bam, you may shop with discretion and assurance.


"All of our items are delivered without any branding. Additionally, only the carrier label will be visible on the outside of the package, not a description of the contents. This means that only you will be aware of the contents' nature. In order to prevent damage, our 콘돔추천 condom recommended items are also extremely securely packaged so that they won't move about inside the shipping boxes. The gadgets' protected batteries prevent the devices from turning on while being unpacked. Visit our Delivery and Returns commonly asked questions for more information," explained a Happy Bam spokesman.


The #1 leading and #1 trusted online security provider uses the Highest Level of Encryption to protect every transaction made on the Happy Bam website. Happy Bam uses one of the most reputable and secure shopping cart software on the Internet, and all orders are encrypted for security. Happy Bam does not compromise on privacy due to the nature of its business and its customers' worries about security. The spokesperson insisted, "We feel our process is 100% secure and 100% private! We appreciate your privacy, therefore our customer database has never—and will never—been loaned, sold, traded, or made public. Even our own customers' mail and catalogs are not sent by us."


Unless otherwise indicated, all orders are sent out through national mail on the same day. All Orders are shipped in separate, simple boxes or packaging. Nobody, not even your postman, will be able to determine what's inside the parcel because there is no method to tell what it contains! Your package's exterior won't have the Rip n Roll name. “All client information is kept private; we have never and will never lend, sell, trade, or otherwise make our database public. Please don't even ask to buy our list, marketers, as it is not for any payment of any kind,” the spokesperson added.


About Happy Bam


Almost all condom brands sold in Korea are carried by Happy Bam, and all variations of each brand are simply provided for customers to pick from. The website is simple to use and allows one to select their preferred brand, variations, and the amount by simply selecting dropdown menus.


For more information, please visit https://happybam.com/category/cd/206/


Media Contact


Happy Bam

Contact Person: Jong-Min

Park (Manager)

Chuncheon, Gangwon

Phone no: 070-4257-1919

Email ID: hius355@naver.com



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