The Vacuum Processes, Inc. Introduced The New EDS Dry Screw Vacuum Pumps

19jan 2020
The vacuum processes, Inc. is introducing the advanced newEDS dry screw vacuum pumps. These are designed for challenging conditions and demanding applications

Alina Tomy, NC  Vacuum Leak Detectors The new range of EDS dry screw vacuumpumps which are developed in the UK and designed for a global market has been creating a new benchmark in the screw pump market as these have the innovative design. These screw pumps feature tapered variable pitch dry screws. Therefore, the EDS is an intricate piece of engineering that is built to the exacting standards and quality that the vacuum processes, Inc. is recognized for.


The new EDS are designed for challenging conditions along with the demanding applications. It features the industry-leading dry screw vacuum technology that has been housed in a modern outer enclosure. These are built to be reliable and offer robust performance standards for fulfilling the most production processes demand.


About vacuum processes, Inc. –

The vacuum processes, the #1 manufacturer & supplier of the vacuum pump systems & parts. It fulfills all your vacuum system’s needs, including all parts and equipment. So, they are your vacuum, and pressure system, engineering, research, manufacturing and service entity. You can avail of the Vacuum Furnace Repairs, Vacuum Degassing Systems, Vacuum Leak Detectors, vacuum Pumps.


If you have any further queries related to the Vacuum pumps part then, visit their website: or call them up right away.


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