Vacuum Processing Inc. Specializes in Helium Leak Detection and RGA Analysis

23nov 2019
Helium leak detection becomes essential for many industries. They can get the best help from Vacuum Processing Inc. as the company specializes not just in this testing, but also in RGA Analysis.

Everett, PA (November 23 , 2019) – For  Vacuum Leak Detectors and also for RGA Analysis, Vacuum Processing Inc. uses the best technology available in the market at all times. This is why the company claims that they are specialized in these processes. They do the leak testing right on the site. The company stands the premium facility not just for the service, but also for sales and design of leak-testing, high-vacuum and other industrial systems and machinery.

For those looking for professional vacuum leak detectors, the company uses the new VPLDS 1000 leak detector, which is equipped with the following:


  • Task and pipeline testing
  • RGA
  • Console-testing and high-volume testing stations
  • System constituent testing with RGA
  • Easy integration into product lines
  • Ultrasound testing
  • Packing hermetically sealed objects, fuel tanks, gas bottles and fire extinguishers
  • Leak detection
  • Pump repair and leak detector

The company specializes in using Helium Leak Detectors for different applications like electrical, instrumentation, nuclear physics and research development, medical and pharma, semiconductors, refrigerators and air conditioning, etc. The other industries to which Vacuum Processing Inc. can help include the automotive industry, aerospace and aeronautics, chemical and mechanical.

Even, industries can get this system with the best set of features for leak detection in their unit. The company is known for affordable pricing and is U & R certified by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers.

About Vacuum Processing Inc.:

The mission of Vacuum Processing Inc. is to provide a surface modification process and coating technology for tooling and aerospace manufacturers in a professional and timely manner. The company also aims at supplying reasonably-priced quality engineering process equipment with more than three-and-half decade experience in this domain.

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