How content marketing can help create powerful small business SEO free

24apr 2022
Business owners are constantly in search of great small business SEO agencythat can deliver real results come down to clever content marketing including keyword research

Business owners are constantly in search of great small business SEO agencythat can deliver real results come down to clever content marketing including keyword research and strategy on the page and Meta tag optimization and internal linking. Getting a professional SEO, copywriter, to this side of things for a business from the start help in setting up strategies for long-term success. Unlike paid backlinking services content marketing can help a small business thrive without spending much money. It allows the business owner to enjoy the spoils of SEO services onlinethrough free content marketing strategy without spending a lot of money.


small business SEO


Small business keyword content marketing strategy


The homepage content will need a keywords strategy that will kick start traffic and then help target bigger keywords with the growth of the web page. It means that choosing a selection of long-tail keywords that offer low search low competition but extremely high conversion rate can be helpful. While a webpage may only receive a handful of visitors for each of the keywords that handful maybe ready to buy. As the page gurus in terms of authority, along flow backlinking strategy on more competitive keywords will help a business grow overtime.


Content on other static pages needs highly relevant, but not too competitive long till keywords that will attract more users. Waiting for every page into a keyword landing page can help in pulling more visitors without being a target of big keywords.


Optimizing blogs and articles


By optimizing blogs and articles for low volume search keywords one will have a better chance of keeping older articles in the index as it can slow by a steady stream of exact match traffic.


·         Optimizing content involves creating 

·         Keyworded page titles

·         Compiling content marketing text

·         Keyworded header tags

·         First and last paragraph keywording

·         Internal linking plan


Using internally linked anchor text for targeting competitive keywords ensures that every page is linked to at least one relevant page. It helps the web page to be indexed.


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