SDIP Light’s Range of LED Lights Make for A Great Nanoleaf Alternative

17mar 2020
SDIP Light’s range of programmable and addressable LED lights are affordable and can be great for those who are looking for Nanoleaf products.

Guangdong, PRC (March 18, 2020) - SDIP Light has a wide range of products for all kinds for lighting solutions for various commercial purposes. Their LED lights produce high brightness and run on low temperature making them extremely energy efficient. Their product range includes flexible LED strip, addressable LED strip, pixel LED strip, LED digital tube, DMX rigid LED strip, LED linear light, pixel LED strips, and more. This wide range and energy-efficient properties make them a great Nanoleaf alternative. The reason they can provide products at an affordable rates is because of their optimized supply chain, production capability and China based field engineers.


About SDIP Light


SDIP Light Co. Ltd. is based out of Dongguan City and is Guangdong’s reputed addressable LED strip manufacturer with other comprehensive lighting solutions pertaining to technological innovations in R&D, production, sales, and a plethora of other services for a range of full-color series LED lighting products. Their clients are from the two main industries of engineering and electronic companies. All their clients rely on their solutions for their lighting requirements.


According to SDIP Light, “Reliability, responsiveness, optimization, and innovation are the core values that guide the way we think and operate at SDIP Light. It’s our ultimate goal to deliver customer-satisfying solutions to the world quickly and at reasonable rates."


For more information on their products, services, or to view a range of their certifications, please visit their official website,


Media Contact

Dongguan SDIP Light Co. Ltd.

No.1 Dongfang Road

Beizha, Humen, Dongguang

Guangdong, PRC - 523925

Phone: 0086-769-85245937 0086-769-85221086


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