Tewco, Inc. Presents Mechanical Control Cables to Deliver High-Quality Components

25jan 2020
Tewco, Inc. introduces mechanical control cables with performance, repeatability, durability,

Franklin, WI  Ball Joint Linkages Tewco has been an approved assembler of Cablecraft, and are currently the biggest constructing agent of Cablecraft cables around the world. Tewco highly esteems utilizing only unique Cablecraft segments for cable assembly and unique Cablecraft provided test equipment, drawings and tooling. The Tewco staff has additionally been Cablecraft manufacturing factory trained. Tewco, along with Cablecraft, is a Master Distributor of EZ valve and Cablecraft Linkages. In 2017 Tewco sold more than 1 million dollars in Cablecraft links, over $400 000 in EZ valves and over $300 000 in cable linkage.


Tewco additionally can collect more cables, in a timelier way. They are just one of the cable assembly organizations in North America to claim a rotary swagger machine, which makes putting end tops on cables exact and proficient. They are additionally one of the few substantial parts organizations that still serve walk-in clients. “Reliability and safety are the primary guarantees that we provide to our clients and are our core beliefs”.


About the company:

Tewco is trusted by clients and manufactures as well as gained an excellent reputation for client service in the course of the last 50 years.


For more information on services and products and a complete profile on the organization's history, visit http://www.tewco.com/


Media Contact:

Tewco Inc.

9701 S 58th St

Franklin, WI 53132

Phone: 414-423-8080

Email: tewco@tewco.com

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